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  • (24/08/2016)  

    SICES CONTROLLERS: The solution for the control of your gensets

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    A wide range of genset controllers made in Italy is available to properly manage single and multiple gensets.
    ATS, AMF, Synchro/Parallel units & Monitoring Systems are the reliable solution to ensure the operation of the gensets in whatever condition.
    Don't miss the powerful controllers made by SICES.

    SICES srl is the Italian leader Company in the field of design, production & commissioning of CONTROL SYSTEMS for generator sets equipped with diesel, gas or vegetable oil engines.
    With more than 35 years experience, SICES SRL has become one of the most important European companies able to ...

    Empresa: SICES

  • (19/08/2016)  

    Impresora 3D KREATOR-MOTION

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    En la oferta de TME ha aparecido la impresora 3D KREATOR-MOTION de la marca 3DKREATOR.

    Gracias a la tecnología FFF (del inglés: Fused Filament Fabrication) es posible crear objetos con una precisión de 60μm. El área de trabajo protegida y con una base perforada especial permiten imprimir objetos con tamaños de hasta 20x20x19cm.

    Con la ayuda de la pantalla incorporada y del ...

    Empresa: TME

  • (14/08/2016)  

    Fruit exports promising to break US$1.8 billion record

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    Viet Nam’s fruits and vegetables exports are promising this year when many products have been given green lights to be exported to the world’s most demanding markets.

    In the first four months of this year, fruits and vegetables exports of Viet Nam touched a revenue of US$764 million, posting a whopping rise of 47.7 per cent over the same period last year. The export revenue is expected to reach US$900 million in the first five months and on its way to hit US$2 ...


  • (05/08/2016)  

    GIGA PQ BOX NET WEB: All-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    Electrex has the pleasure of introducing an all-in-one Power Quality Energy Auditing Kit.

    There are many local businesses that provide energy savings solutions to the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. However, the lack of appropriate monitoring and data logging devices needed for pre and post auditing is a common problem. Devices that do exist are either insufficient in features or over priced for their respective sector.

    This is why Electrex has taken it upon themselves to integrate their top Power Quality Energy Metering devices into a portable all-in-on monitoring kit. This kit is perfectly suited for temporary logging and auditing, highly accurate and with a great build quality and finish.

    Product Outline:

    Giga PQ Box net Web (current inputs for CTs and Current Clamps ../1A or ../5A) and Giga F PQ Box net Web (current inputs for Electrex Flexible CTs output in mV) are transportable Power Quality Energy Analyzer & Web Data Manager for temporary monitoring of electric energy ...

    Empresa: ELECTREX

  • (05/08/2016)  

    Empresa: ELECTREX

  • (28/07/2016)  

    ALUCOIL presentará en VETECO los acabados de larson ® más espectaculares certificados por DIT y disponibles en BIM

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    ALUCOIL, fabricante de materiales avanzados para edificación, ultima los detalles de los paneles que recubrirán su stand E1012 en la próxima feria de VETECO.

    Una amplia representación de la nueva gama de paneles composite larson ® para fachadas arquitectónicas en sus acabados más espectaculares como holo, hammer, travertino o anodized entre otros.

    larson ®, el primer panel composite del mundo en convertirse en objeto BIM, está certificado con ...

    Empresa: ALUCOIL

  • (27/07/2016)  

    Meinberg's new Generation of SyncFire High End NTP Appliance for Large Scale NTP Environments

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    The Meinberg SyncFire product family has been designed for data center environments and for synchronizing large numbers of NTP or SNTP clients. The all new SyncFire SF1100 represents the second generation of the world’s strongest Enterprise NTP appliance.

    The first SyncFire generation already managed to synchronize millions of SNTP/NTP clients. The new Meinberg SyncFire SF1100 is capable of handling up to 750,000 NTP requests per second, depending on its CPU- and network interface configuration.

    The Firmware of Meinberg's SyncFire models ...

    Empresa: MENTADATA S.L.

  • (27/07/2016)  

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week welcomes its 64th edition, with 42 outstanding creators and brands set to take part

    Foto Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week welcomes its 64th edition, with 42 outstanding creators and brands set to take part

    Spain's major fashion event organised by IFEMA will be taking place from 15 to 20 September. The catwalk shows will be held from 16 to 20 September in Hall 14.1 of Feria de Madrid, and one day earlier, on the 15th, the Desigual firm will be holding a Re-see of its Spring-Summer 2017 collections with a surprising and innovative staging in Madrid.

    The show, which is organised by IFEMA, will gather together designs by 41 of Europe's top creators, as well as those of an international designer who emerged from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Kiev.

    Adding to the long list of designers and labels who took part in previous editions will be Leandro Cano, who is back after other editions, and Malne, a Spanish brand who will be attending for the first time, bringing elegant, unique and exquisite clothing.

    As usual, the last day of the programme of catwalk shows will be devoted to the 11 emerging design labels of Samsung EGO. Plus, fifteen young creators will be presenting their proposals at the Samsung Ego Showroom in Cibelespacio, where they will be on sale to the public throughout the entire event.

    In terms of sponsorship, the fashion show will once again receive strong support from leading brands in their respective sectors. In total, 18 brands will be sponsoring the event. Mercedes-Benz, L’Oréal Paris and INDITEX are once again the main sponsors.

    The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the fashion show organised by IFEMA that is considered a world showcase for Spanish design, will be holding its 64th edition from 15 to 20 September at Feria de Madrid. The event will involve 42 creators and exhibiting brands, and will yet again prove that ...

  • (22/07/2016)  

    IFEMA and ANATO are organising a workshop in Colombia on how to get the most out of participating at an international fair

    Foto IFEMA and ANATO are organising a workshop in Colombia on how to get the most out of participating at an international fair

    The experience of FITUR, one of the first tourism fairs in the world, will be the focus of IFEMA's participation at this encounter, which will take place on 27 July at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce

    The Director of International Expansion of IFEMA, the organiser of FITUR, will cover the business and promotional opportunities offered by the International Tourism Fair of Madrid and will go over the importance of effectively managing participation to earn the maximum return

    IFEMA, backed by over 30 years of leadership as an organiser of international trade fairs, headed by FITUR, is organising in Colombia a "Workshop on participation at international fairs", in cooperation with the Colombian Association of Travel Agencies, ANATO, through its Representative ...

  • (21/07/2016)  



    Tecnova-PISCINAS will hold its first edition from 28 February to 3 March at Feria de Madrid

    The Swimming Pool market will have its trade fair in Madrid, organised by IFEMA. The Trade Fair Institution of Madrid's new project sets out to address and respond to market demand for an exhibition aimed at swimming pool professionals with the guarantees offered by of Spain's premier trade fair operator and the benefits of its Madrid location, ensuring accessibility from all points in Spain and abroad.

    TECNOVA PISCINAS, the Technology and Innovation Show for Aquatic Installations will cover everything currently available in terms of solutions, equipment and supplies for private personal or community pools, commercial pools for tourist facilities or public, sports and leisure facilities, and ...

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