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  • (12/08/2014)  

    Unica Group

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    5th Anniversary, a new member and innovative products

    Unica Group is celebrating this year its 5th Anniversary and they are reporting positive business figures achieved after 5 years of intense work. On top of this Unica Group announced last June the arrival of a new member. In this occasion Unica enlarges its operation with a cooperative from outside ...

    Empresa: UNICA GROUP

  • (05/08/2014)  

    PUERICULTURA MADRID presents its new Business&Fun Area, with a range of activities for professionals

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    Amongst other contents, the space will host the new Trends Corner, the Retail Forum, the Starters Area, together with the Star Products Gallery and the organisation of a range of activities aimed both at international buyers as part of the Mediterranean Spotlight, as well as others for visitors, exhibitors and bloggers

    The second edition of this show, organised by IFEMA, will take place from 2 to 5 October in the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Complex. It is anticipated that it will bring together some 400 exhibitor labels and receive over 7,000 professional visitors

    The second edition of PUERICULTURA MADRID, the Childhood Products Trade Show, which will be taking place from 2 to 5 October at the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Complex, will be presenting novelties including the Business&Fun Area. A new space offering attractive activities, aimed at professionals ...

  • (05/08/2014)  

    II Foro ITH de Eficiencia Energética en Hoteles, en MATELEC 2014

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    The International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry will set the framework for this second gathering, organised by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH).

    MATELEC, the International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry, organised by IFEMA and being held from 28 to 31 October 2014 at the FERIA DE MADRID EXHIBITION COMPLEX, will include the 2nd ITH Forum on Energy Efficiency in Hotels, organised by the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero, which will take place on 29 and 30 October next.

    More specifically, the session entitled Technological solutions at the Service of Guest Management, Savings and Experiences will be conducted within the SEE4 Tech forum, in the morning of 29 October, while the Efficient Control and Management of Hotel Projects: Eco-Rehabilitation session ...

  • (05/08/2014)  

    Leading companies are joining MOMAD METROPOLIS September 2014

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    The trade fair will take place from 12th to 14th September at Feria de Madrid

    • The show has recently incorporated leading Footwear companies such as Diesel, Toms, M’Apetit, Fit Flops, Park Lane and Xc-Xacaret

    • There are also interesting recent incorporations from the Textile sector. It is worth mentioning Nuria Aymerich, Mescalino and Simorra, amongst some 60 new companies that join the September staging of the fair

    • Over the last weeks, the accessories sector of the fair has welcome Casa Di Stella and the German brand, S.T.A.M.P.S

    • The designer Roberto Verino will take part for the first time at this trade fair, that coincides in terms of dates and venue with MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK MADRID

    • This staging also brings together a selection of children's fashion brands within Cosmo Kids sector, where Little ...

  • (05/08/2014)  

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the grand reference-point for Spanish Design throughout the world, celebrates its 60th anniversary

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    • This iconic staging of Fashion Week, held from 11th to 16th September at Feria de Madrid, presents an outstanding programme of fashion shows, replete with a host of new features, including the incorporation of designers Alvarno, Ulises Mérida and Leyre Valiente - from SAMSUNG EGO -, and the participation of the brand, Desigual, not to mention the return of Maya Hansen and Rabaneda

    • In addition to the 41 designers and brands with their own fashion shows, some twenty emerging talents exhibit their ideas at the SAMSUNG EGO Showroom, within the framework of CIBELESPACIO, featuring direct sale to members of the public

    • Another new development on this occasion consists of MBFWM's promotion throughout the city, with broadcasts of the fashion shows being transmitted on screens at two emblematic venues in Madrid: Conde Duque and the new gastronomic/leisure multi-space known as Espacio Platea Madrid, located in ...

  • (04/08/2014)  


    Noticia Expositor (P)

    Following the success of last year, Italia Ortofrutta will be for the second time at Fruit Attraction with a 96sqm stand

    Italia Ortofrutta - National Union is an institutional union recognised by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture following EU and national regulations. It protects the producer organizations' interests and it promotes its members' produce. For the second time, Italia Ortofrutta will be at Fruit ...


  • (30/07/2014)  

    Growing Salad Crops in Coir

    Noticia Expositor (P)

    Environmentally friendly, cost effective and easy to manage – three key reasons why growers the world over are switching into coir.

    After a slow start, the substrate is becoming a more common sight under tomato, pepper, eggplant and cucumber crops.
    Coir comes from a renewable source and is fully biodegradable, so it can be used in organic systems. Many growers have made the switch from rockwool, which takes a lot of energy ...


  • (29/07/2014)  

    The exhibition, REGALA ESPAÑA, will highlight the excellence of Made in Spain products

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    Organised by IFEMA in collaboration with the Regalo Fama Association and featuring the sponsorship of EOI through the auspices of Fundesarte

    This section will be presented within the framework of the trade fairs known as Intergift, Bisutex, Madrid Joya and Momad Metropolis, to be held from 10th to 14th September at Feria de Madrid

    With a view to highlighting the excellence of 100% Spanish products, IFEMA, in collaboration with the Regalo Fama Association, has organised "Regala España" within the framework of the grand trade event for the decoration, fashion and trends industry made up of the fairs Intergift, Bisutex Madrid Joya and Momad Metropolis. Thus, from 10th to 14th September 2014, this special section will introduce Spanish and foreign professionals attending these trade shows to the manufacturing processes of a selection of Made in Spain products.

    Regala España, which enjoys the support of the Organisation School (EOI) through the auspices of Fundesarte (the EOI section devoted to the promotion of handicrafts), constitutes a new promotional showcase for Spanish companies with a strong export vocation. This initiative will ...

  • (29/07/2014)  


    Noticia Expositor (P)

    If the world were clear, ART would not exist (Albert Camus, Aphorisms, 1955)

    Multidimensional decorations to display as “living paintings”. This is the interpretation of the fascinating topic of Art that LEIDIRÒ presents in a “wearable version”. A revisited work of art that becomes a second skin.
    The bright colours and outlines of Mondrian’s abstract art are reduced to ...

    Empresa: CANTALLOPS 1897 SL

  • (28/07/2014)  


    Noticia Expositor (P)

    Go where your heart is, you‘ll find your home.

    Like a hot wind blowing, summer comes. In the blink of an eye, you are thrown in a game of colours, smells and sensations which fill the air.
    It is the season of freedom and relax when everything inevitably slows down and when unwinding becomes the daily life style.
    This is how the LEIDIRÒ ...

    Empresa: CANTALLOPS 1897 SL

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