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  • (22/07/2014)  

    FITUR GAY (LGBT) 2015 creates new exhibition spaces, debating forums and working areas

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    In collaboration with Diversity Consulting

    The increasingly important role that gay tourism has acquired within the worldwide tourist industry has encouraged FITUR to strengthen its specialised section, FITUR GAY (LGBT), which will be presenting its fifth event in collaboration with Diversity Consulting at the forthcoming staging of FITUR, the trade fair organised by IFEMA to be held from 28th January to 1st February 2015 at FERIA DE MADRID. In this respect, FITUR will once again place the exhibition centre's Hall 3 at the disposal of FITUR GAY, a section that will be made up of different exhibition spaces, debating forums and working areas.

    In addition to the exhibition area featuring the customary stands for destinations, tour operators, hotels, airline companies and service companies specialising in this kind of tourism, this hall will also present a new space where small and medium-sized companies interested in this ...

  • (22/07/2014)  

    New spaces and ideas for EDUCATION WEEK 2015

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    The Education Catwalk, the Education Week Awards and workshops for education professionals; just some of the new features for next year’s event

    The event includes the offer from AULA, the POSTGRADUATE FORUM, INTERDIDAC and RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION

    IFEMA is preparing the 3rd EDUCATION WEEK, which is due be held at FERIA DE MADRID and includes a number of new features. First of all, the event is being moved on the calendar to March in order to coincide with the 23rd International Educational Opportunities Exhibition (AULA) and the 6th International Higher Education Fair (the POSTGRADUATE FORUM) on the 5th to the 8th of the month (both concluding on Sunday, 8 March, at 15:00 hours). In turn, the 19th International Education Material Fair (INTERDIDAC) - held every two years, on odd years - and RESOURCES FOR EDUCATION, an event first held in 2014 for training and the exchange of experiences and best practices among education professionals and guidance councillors, as well as other members of the education community, will coincide with EDUCATION WEEK from 5 to 7 March.

    The second major change to EDUCATION WEEK is the venue; moving to Halls 12 and 14 - the newest at IFEMA - and enabling the event to be held in a more cohesive fashion. Hence, AULA will be located in Halls 12 and 14.0; the POSTGRADUATE FORUM in Hall 14.0, and INTERDIDAC and RESOURCES FOR ...

  • (22/07/2014)  

    MATELEC, FENIE and KNX Spain announce Energy Efficiency Installation Awards

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    The competition is open to any installation company and/or integrator with projects completed between 1 November 2012 and 31 August 2014 to improve the energy efficiency of buildings or homes

    The International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry (MATELEC 2014) - organised by IFEMA and to be held from 28 to 31 October 2014 at FERIA DE MADRID - together with the Spanish National Federation of Electrical and Telecommunications Installation Business Leaders (FENIE) and the KNX Spain Association, are organising the Energy Efficiency Installation Awards in order to recognise those projects of an outstanding nature that make a major contribution to energy efficiency in the fields of residential housing, domotics and building management.

    Energy efficiency in homes and buildings is a key factor in achieving the sustainable use of energy resources and protecting the environment. Installation companies and/or integrators play a fundamental role in this regard through the installation of control and automation systems in ...

  • (21/07/2014)  

    MOTORTEC AUTOMECHANIKA MADRID announces its new plans to further boost the sector

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    The Fair continues to grow, with former exhibitors returning and new companies added to the roster

    The new team behind MOTORTEC AU-TOMECHANIKA MADRID, Spain's Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry, has announced its new plans to further boost the sector and create yet more business opportunities for professionals, companies and associations.

    The first conversations with the sector forecast further growth of the fair in terms of those attending, exhibitors and the overall size of the exhibition.

    “We have prepared a state-of-the-art fair, custom designed to be at the service of the automotive after-sales and service station ...

  • (21/07/2014)  

    FIAA and its exhibitors on Social Networks

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    One of the features that the FIAA International Bus And Coach Trade Fair makes available to the companies from around the world taking part is the wide range of communications that will help them to maximise the benefit from attending the event. In addition to the traditional channels (press releases to the general and specialist media, newsletters, websites etc.), this year the fair has assumed the challenge of the communications 2.0. era, opening profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, all of which are managed by a company specialising in Social Media.

    This new service, free of charge to attendees, will allow exhibitors to increase the visibility of their companies at the Fair, organised by IFEMA and to be held from 28 to 31 October 2014, at the FERIA DE MADRID.

    FIAA invites exhibitors to follow the Fair across ...

  • (18/07/2014)  

    FITUR creates the new section known as FITUR SHOPPING

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    In response to the demand for specialisation and diversification promoted by the Tourist Industry

    In collaboration with Madrid Shopping Tour

    The growing importance that shopping tourism is acquiring within the worldwide tourist industry has led FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair, to create the new FITUR SHOPPING section within the framework of its forthcoming event, which is due to take place at Feria de Madrid from 28th January to 1st February 2015, organised by IFEMA. This initiative has been implemented in collaboration with Madrid Shopping Tour.

    In effect, according to the UNWTO's "Global Report on Shopping Tourism", this type of tourism, which is characterised by its high standing and the high purchasing power of the tourists involved, is becoming increasingly important within an industry that is seeking to diversify, both in the most ...

  • (18/07/2014)  

    B2Fruit-New Markets: business encounters between international buyers in the fruit and vegetable sector at #FruitAttraction 2014

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    Following last year's success, and for the second year running, these meetings will be available again

    A space where companies and buyers from new markets can meet

    The markets chosen this year are Brazil, Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States and the Nordic countries

    Following last year's success, #FruitAttraction, the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable Industry, will once again offer exhibiting companies B2Fruit-New Markets, a space where exhibitors and buyers from new markets with high import potential can come ...

  • (18/07/2014)  

    FRUIT ATTRACTION launches International Buyer Programme for forthcoming edition

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    Some 600 guest companies will be invited, at the proposal of exhibiting companies, to discover the business opportunities offered by the Fair

    Guest lists must be submitted no later than 25 July

    FRUIT ATTRACTION, the International Fruit and Vegetable Fair, has launched its International Buyer Programme whereby participating companies can invite overseas professionals to take part in the Fair to promote their businesses.

    FRUIT ATTRACTION, which is organised by FEPEX and IFEMA, will be held 15-17 October with 600 international buyers attending. Participants in the initiative are mainly professionals in the purchasing and distribution chain around the world with strong decision-making capacity and ...

  • (18/07/2014)  

    FITUR incorporates FITUR SALUD ("Fitur Health") in response to a type of tourism that has huge growth potential

    Noticia Prensa IFEMA (P)

    In collaboration with Spaincares, the new section at the trade fair will include an exhibition area, a conference programme and a series of personalised appointments with trade buyers

    The International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR, to be staged by IFEMA from 28th January to 1st February 2015 at FERIA DE MADRID, has created a new section in order to cater for a sector that presents huge growth potential and some bright prospects: FITUR SALUD. This section, which has been promoted ...

  • (16/07/2014)  


    Noticia Expositor (P)

    Fall/Winter 2014/2015

    For this Fall/Winter 2014/2015 season our company’s buying team managed to capture and translate all the upcoming fashion trends into the best quality and high selling products.
    From animal prints to snakes and zebras, Achilleas Accessories bags collection will definitely make the ...


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